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Harmonica Lessons - Blues and Beyond - £25 an hour

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Hello there!

I am 34 years old, and have been a full time performing/ recording artist for the past decade. In 2012 I formed both The After Hours Quintet (20's Hot Jazz) & The After Hours (Live Electro Swing). Between the two projects we draw on influences as diverse as blues, jazz, funk, soul, swing, reggae, balkan, klezmer, be-bop, pop, ska etc. In 2015 I joined local Klezmer band Kibitz and Manchester based Reggae Collective - The Cooperatives. I have made musical collaborations with Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra, Slamboree, Step Cat, Dub Jazz Sound System, Rum Jig, Howlin' Ric and the Rocketeers, Me and my friends, to name a few.

I received musical schooling throughout my youth but only became truly serious about my own musical development after incurring dual RSI injuries, in both wrists! By passing through this trial I learned to incorporate much more discipline in to my music - but also found a sense of balance, which is something that I pass on to all my students and colleagues alike.

I play a great many instruments including:
Sax, Clarinet, Guitar, Harmonica, Musical Saw, Vocals, Trombone, Piano, Drums and Washboard.

For me the key to learning a instrument effectively is finding that 'WOW' sound, that draws you to the instrument in the first place. Then its simply a case of learning the rudiments (basic techniques) of that specific style or genre and putting them in to an accessible (dare I say fun!) practise routine.
The Harmonica is a deceptively difficult instrument to learn because it is so rich is performance techniques & expression. Although it is easy to get 'any old sound' out of it, it is actually incredibly difficult to play things which would be completely easy for a beginner to perform on, say, a Clarinet.
But that's okay, because with a little guidance, some context and the right resources you can see the goals for yourself, and build your skills in to an in depth knowledge of not just how the Harmonica functions, but how music functions in general.

I use generic resources for play along, but also compose and transcribe songs for students tot play along with in my home studio.

As the title states, I welcome and embrace all levels of experience from beginners to higher level players. I work with both Jazz and Classical Theory, depending on the end goal of the student. For students looking to progress through the grading system, there is a very clearly defined set of criteria which I help my students meet by helping to add precision and musicality to their performance. I do not, however, believe it is completely necessary to progress through examination board material in order to develop and gain a sense of satisfaction from your instrument; far from it!

That's why I've set up a 'Community Music Workshop' at Open Source Arts (Kirkstall Road, Leeds) from which I will draw my students along side other members of the public (amateur or otherwise) to rehearse a repertoire chosen by us, for us, with the end goal of performing at Open Mic nights and other community events.

I am happy to host the lessons at my abode, travel to your home or set up some preliminary lessons at a community space such as Leeds Music Hub.

For more info, links to myself in action or general advice on finding a suitable teacher / technician to service your instrument please, don't hesitate to contact me by which ever means you see fit.

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Address: 34 Delph Lane Woodhouse Leeds LS6 2HQ

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