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Home portrait service

Postcode South West
Bedminster - BS3
Type of ad: Agency Offer
Posted by: Dartol
Member since: 09/06/2012
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I am offering a home/office/workplace portrait service in the greater Bristol area, that covered by a BS postcode. Outside the BS area will incur fuel costs. A one hour session will cost £50 during which I will take as many photos as I can, review them on my laptop and leave you with an SD card, or micro SD at your request, with your photos on. Further copies on SD card can be supplied at the time, on a card supplied by you, at no extra cost. I bring two double sided portable backgrounds with me in black, white, blue and green. These measure 2m X 1.5m. I use natural light whenever possible supplemented with a flash or two. Group or multi family sessions welcome. You can get a neighbour or two to club together for a session to reduce costs but no more than 10 photos so I can fit you all in during that hour (short overruns won't be charged for).

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any enquiries.

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Darren Tolhurst

Address: 1 Lydford Walk Bedminster BS3 5LJ

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