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Part Time Babysitter

Postcode East Midlands
Wymeswold - LE12
Type of ad: Offer
Contract: Contract/Freelance
Industry: Other
Salary: £
Posted by: Charlottem1203
Member since: 03/07/2012
Visitors: 000
I have done babysitting in the past and really enjoyed it. At present i run my own beauty business i expanded in December giving me more time on my hands i wanted to use this time to do something i enjoy whilst earning a bit more money. I have 2 Neices and 3 Nephews ranging from newborn to 15yrs. A lot of my friends also have children and i have looked after them in the past. I love the energy of children and enjoy being around them. I also have 2 years experience in caring for elderly and disabled people. I have always worked with people throughout my working life so manage to fit in and get along well with others.

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