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Compliant male offers FREE domestic cleaning service

Postcode Yorkshire and the Humber
West Yorkshire
Manningham - BD8
Type of ad: Individual Offer
Salary: £ 0001
Posted by: Maidalice
Member since: 11/03/2013
Visitors: 000
I am a genuinely compliant male - located in BRADFORD - offering a FREE domestic cleaning service, ideally whilst under the strict supervision of someone who is naturally assertive and demanding of hard work and high standards at all times. I am willing to undertake - without exception - ALL of the usual mundane household chores (indoors and/or outdoors) and carry out such tasks in whatever manner I am instructed to do so. I will work whatever hours are required and will comply with any dress code you consider necessary to enforce upon me whilst engaged on such duties. I am available to work - at reasonably short notice - most days, including evenings and weekends if necessary, and will even work throughout the night if ordered to do so. If you feel you could utilise my FREE labour by putting me to some useful and productive purpose and would like to discuss in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me, either via direct reply to this ad or, preferably, by phone or text on 07376 216881.

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