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Your Web Page Advice for My Russian - *New* - 14.11.2017

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Mountain Ash - CF45
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Posted by: RussianBooksUK
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Your Web Page Advice for My Russian - Special Promotion 14.11-26.11.2017.
I can bring you up to a reasonable standard in Russian. I also need a website for my Russian activities. Can be exchange our skills?
This can be on a pro-rata basis -
one Russian Language tuition hour for one hour Web Page advice.

Special Promotion -
The first four people signing up to give me Web Page Advice between
14th November & 26th November 2017 will receive a copy of "Through Russia... With Love" - Natalia Veshneva - 386 pages - a Complete Course For Beginners in Russian.

All Russian materials can be supplied by me - so you don't need to acquire anything. The website I need could be a fairly basic one - perhaps even a 'standard' one based on a CD. Perhaps we can discuss this further.

As you will probably come from a Scientific or Technical background - because of your interest in computers & computing I will use the Scientific approach to Russian. We will look at borrowings from English - but with added Russian endings - especially last letter equivalents.

There will also be a serious study of reading Russian and also pronouncing it to a good standard. But we can look at your individual needs in more detail.

I am seeking a straight forward skill-swap - no fees either way.
I am based in Mountain Ash but I visit Cardiff from time to time - Cathays area.

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