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32p kilo Growers' Pellets for Chicks

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Posted by: Remibambo1956
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The Growers' Pellets have always been perfectly suitable for Chickens from three (3) weeks of Age. They also contain Coccidiostats that would help prevent diseases until their "Immune System" were developed enough to Naturally fight off Diseases of any kind. Here I have got the best from "GLW Feeds at £6.50 a 20Kg Bag. Layers' Pellets are also £6.50. Wheat is £4.80 and Cut Maize (Corn) is £7.50 a 20KG Bag.There are smaller bags of 10Kg, 5Kg and 2Kg at no extra Cost, other than 10p or 18p for the Transparent "Poly" Bags.

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