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£1100 Feeds Pelleting Machine

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Posted by: Remibambo1956
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One of the reasons most hens don't lay eggs until they were more than 24 weeks old was because their Growers/Layers Diet don't contain the right amount of Protein/Calcium/Vitamin. you want to Manufacture your on Feeds using 60% cut maize(contain almost 7 types of Nutrients) and then add other materials that are rich in Animal Proteins(meat and Dairy products), Vitamins, Minerals(egg/oyster shells, animal bones), Lipids and Fibres. You crush them together and turn them into Pellets after drying them in an oven.
A Pelleting Machine will cost you delivered at £1300 and if you want the Crusher(Grinder) you have both for £2500. You get a mold for Chicken and another for Pig's feeds.

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