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Posted by: Remibambo1956
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Chickens picked up microbes very quickly from drinking dirty water. Please avoid it using the right container for their water. I don't know about you but I can't afford Vets for Pets. Add tiny pieces (about the size of their pellets) of Garlic to the water .
Here I have:
1. 1.5Ltr Drinkers for £2.00 each-10 or £1.70 for 10 or more
2. 1.5 Ltr Feeders for £2 each or £1.70 for 10 or more.
3. 5 Ltr Drinkers for Adult Chickens-£3.50 each or £3.00 for 10 or more
It's got to be "Clean as You Go" "BRUSH" " BUFF" and "DISINFECT" every day

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