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I posting this advert becouse meaby are some people who want help for Syrian refugee in Turkey.
I was on the holiday there and I was so disappointed of this what I saw. People don't have house, food, first need stuff. They are living in carton house next to busy roads, they begin people with small few weeks old childs to just get some money for food. Some of them begin people to buy for them sandwich becouse them didn't eat nothing from few days.
Now is winter time and temperature sometimes is under 0 degree.
Soon I want go back there to help this people bring for them some food, clothers and try find any pleace where them can live.
Them had to run away from countries and left behind houses, families and places which was their house of the war and conflicts. Every day this people just dream about better tomorrow.
If any of you can help by any way to just make better live for refugee people to just show them that they aren't alone please contact me.
They don't need too much to just feel like a human.
Any help even this small is really important. If you can help just contact.
Thank you

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