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Domestic Helper Req'd Flexible Hours Cash In Hand

Postcode West Midlands
West Midlands
Edgbaston - B15
Company name: Private advertiser
Category: Other
Contract: Permanent
Full/Part time: Part time
Salary: £
Posted by: Rodwell
Member since: 01/11/2015
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I'm a mature white English building consultant/proprietor of beauty businesses living by myself and hoping to employ a person or persons of any nationality/religion on a p/t occasional basis for simple basic domestic help, shopping ,tidying garden, sweeping up, when I need assistance owing to a fluctuating condition which affects my joint and back. I'm normally fairly mobile so only need help when I can't manage by myself, no experience, personal care, lifting, medication or cooking required, flexible hours to suit both of us, cash in hand if preferred minimum £18 p h upwards depending on work carried out with extra for out of normal working hours. Please note there are no fixed/set hours just as and when required to fit in with my requirements and your availability

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Private Advertiser

Address: 41 Overdale Rd, Edgbaston, Birmingham B16 8AF B15 3RB

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