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Date from: 27/06/2018
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The Government of Biafra regularly holds (Free) Alternative Medicine Events , Globally , for those (of Biafran Descent) who would genuinely like Assistance (and Mentorship) with various issues relating to Wellness , Wellbeing and General Healthcare.

There are No Attendance Fees for these Particular Events.

This Event is Fully Subsidized by the Government of Biafra.

The Official Language of Instruction is Igbo.

Basic Fluency in Igbo Language is an Essential Requirement.

All of the Topics , which will be discussed , are Readily Available via our (Rather Popular) US$1 (One Dollar) Alternative Medicine Training Course.

So there is (Absolutely) No Need (whatsoever) for Any Biafran to Travel Hundreds (or Thousands) of Miles to See Him ; unless it is Absolutely Necessary.

Kindly Contact Us for Further Details.

Thank You.

Office of the State Counsellor

Government of Biafra

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