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BMB President vintage tractor £1,250

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Price £1,250
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Bath north of the Avon - BA1
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This 1952 BMB president TVO is in good condition and runs lovely with good brakes steering tyres no leaks whatsoever and above all a nice engine.
Still retains serial number plate that a lot do not nowadays,
Becoming very collectable now and getting harder to find nice ones.

Collection only and at a price to sell. No offers at this reduced

The BMB tractor was manufactured by the Brockhouse Company of Southport , England. the initials BMB stood for British Motor Boats, who designed the tractor. BMB also built a range of small engines. The tractors were available as a small garden tractor or two Iron horse type walk behind units for pulling market gardener's cultivation equipment. Built as a affordable machine using post war surplus production capacity, to help with the cultivation of small areas during postwar rationing.
The President model were built from 1947 to 1956 when falling sales led to the cessation of product. The Stock of spares being transfered to H.J. Stockton & Co. Ltd, who redesigned the machines to take either a Ruston & Hornsby or Petter engine. These were sold as "Stokold tractors" from 1956 to 1960.

he BMB president used a 4 cylinder 918cc morris industrial engine. There were three versions of this tractor one being the standard.
There was also orchard and a vineyard models and the difference being that the air filter was removed and the exhaust was under the front grill on the vineyard and orchard model. The orchard was the same as the vineyard but it was 13ins lower so it could pass under trees. The next photo is of the vineyard version of the BMB president.

A number of examples survive & are often seen in the Horticultural sections at working events, as well as in the tractor line up at shows. Only a few examples have registration plates as most worked in small market gardens and did not travel on the road. A number of examples are missing the serial number plate which is (was) brass & mounted on the bulked between driver and the engine on the tractors.

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