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rockstar LT120 48v lithium Battery Child's Electric Quad Bik £499

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Price £499
Postcode West Midlands
West Midlands
Woodside - DY5
Type of ad: Individual Offer
Make/Model: rebo
Year: 2018
Cylinder: 1200 CC
Mileage: 1 mile(s)
Posted by: Mxracingoutlet
Member since: 21/04/2017
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LT120EL 48V lithium Battery Child's Electric Quad Bike ATV - 4 Colours
This is the LT120EL the new Lithium battery powered Quad bike from Rebo with a powerful brushless motor, the equivalent of 1200W brushed motor in terms of power output!

All that power comes from a virtually silent motor and being electric it means you have a 100% of the torque available immediately as compared to a petrol motor. Add to that the fact electric motors have fewer moving parts than conventional petrol motors so there’s less to wear out and you have one amazing quad.

The Lithium battery technology means you have a lightweight power source with a charge time of 5 hour while giving you a longer range so more time to enjoy the great handling and off road fun.

There are front and rear disc brakes, a strong steel frame and 3 speed parental control meaning restricting the top speed is as easy as turning a key, making it great for novice riders to learn the basics at a lower more controlled speed. There's even a reserve gear so no need to worry about going the wrong way as you can just back out of trouble and head off again with ease.

All children should be supervised by an adult at all times when operating the Quad and it is up to the individual parents discretion to decide if their child is old enough to operate the bike.

Please Note: This item is not suitable for children under the age of 14 Years.

What's Included

10AH Lithium Battery
Enhanced performance
Quicker charge time, only 5 Hours
Longer range
Powerful 800w 48V Brushless motor
Front and rear disc brakes
Front double shocks with rear mono shock
Waterproof battery bag
UK Charger
Battery power Level indicator
Reverse gear
Adjustable Parental control, 3 speed with key
Low Speed: 8km(5mph), Medium Speed: 14km(9mph), Top Speed: 30km(18mph

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