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Guitar and singing teacher offers lessons

Postcode East Anglia
Weston Green - CB1
Type of ad: Individual Offer
Posted by: PMK
Member since: 09/06/2018
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I’m a guitar teacher with many years experience teaching in secondary schools (class teacher), further education colleges and privately.

I have also run guitar, percussion, singing and song-writing workshops.
I can offer lessons to complete beginners and intermediate (children 6+, and adults). My specialization is popular music and also South American music, as well as music theory.

The lessons can take all sorts of different shapes, combining the learning of chords (from simple to more complex), to rhythms, different styles, strumming and picking techniques, to learning tunes on the guitar, this done, when and if necessary, using traditional as well as tab notation

I can also offer, in combination with guitar or by itself, singing lessons: from scratch if you’ve never sung before, or as a way of coaching you and make you practise repertoire. This can also be done with others, for example if you have a friend or two to join you as a group.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have

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