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Female Quran And Islamic Studies Teacher

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My name is Sister Iqra and i am a English speaking teacher. My ambition is to teach the Holy Quran and the Ahadith (fundamental Teachings and Sayings) of Holy Prophet Muhammad(May Allah Peace and Blessings be upon Him) to Young Children and Adults. I wish to do this so that I can successfully through the Grace of Allah Almighty enlighten their hearts and minds with the important and beneficial Islamic Knowledge.

With 7 Years experience of teaching students within a Islamic Educational Institution (masjid) with over 120+ Children who come from various backgrounds. I make studying the Holy Quran with the Quranic teachings a fun and insightful experience. But, as an Islamic Teacher it is also my passion to fully co-operate and strive with the needs and ability of each child so that I can completely help them to reach their highest Achievements and Goals in their process of Islamic Education.

Some of the Highest Achievements of my students are:

1. The memorisation of 10 or more Surah’s and Dua’s.

2. The improvement in the recitation of Holy Quran.

3. The memorisation of Ahadith with background explanation.

4. Their increase in the love of Allah Almighty and the love for the Chosen and Beloved Prophet of Allah Muhammad (May Allah Peace and Blessings be upon Him).

My aim is to now continue my teaching privately online (Skype) , so that I can engage with both children and adults who wish to improve their tajweed recitation of the Holy Quran.

All my lessons come with:

1. Studying of Tajweed- in order to improve and perfect the Makhraj (correct pronunciation) of each Arabic letter.

2. Qaida Lessons and Activities to refine reading habits.

3. Studying and Practising basic Islamic law (Fiqh) with interactive fun activities.

4. Learning, memorising and providing a brief background on Surah’s, Khalimah’s and Dua’s.

5. Teaching and providing children with short and important stories of some of the blessed Prophets (may Allah’s Peace and Blessings be Upon them) mentioned in the Holy Quran.

First 30mins Lesson will be Free of Charge!

Are you ready for the inspirational journey of the beauty of Islamic learning?

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Sister Iqra.

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