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M-A-G-I-C Health & Well-being Retreat - 2 day residential £395

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Price £395
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Betchworth - RH3
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Become the change you wish to see in your life
Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th October 2018
A weekend of self-discovery unlocking your limiting beliefs and giving you the tools to:
* positively and gently shift your personal awareness
* increase your confidence
* explore the power of your thoughts
* identify strategies to help you move forward
* improve focus, drive, clarity and resilience

Are you feeling a lack of direction in your life?
Do you feel overwhelmed, tired, unappreciated or not valued?
Have you a desire to unlock your personal powers and influence positive change in your life?
Discover how to become your own best friend(even if you feel completely overwhelmed with your work / life balance). Come and join like-minded women on this health and wellbeing weekend retreat at the beautiful Hartsfield Manor Hotel, Betchworth, Surrey.

What is M-A-G-I-C and how can it help me?
M-A-G-I-C is currently my signature service, a culmination of my career and personal development experience as a manager, leader, business consultant, trainer, coach and mentor to date.
M-A-G-I-C is an eclectic mix of different disciplines which Sandra of Zanzi UK uses to positively and gently shift your personal awareness. Having a healthy mind and emotional state is the foundation of enhanced well-being. The overriding purpose of M-A-G-I-C is to increase self-awareness and promote positive, life enhancing change in all ways using the process of;
M = mindfulness
A = Acknowledging feelings (Emotional Intelligence) and Assertive Awareness
G = Goals, Grit (mental toughness) and Gratitude
I = Insight, Intuition and Imagination
C = Choice and Commitment for positive Change

What will I discover during the weekend?
Through practical exercises, discover an understanding of how the skill of Mindfulness can enhance your physical, mental and emotional health, as well as enabling you to gain greater clarity towards making decisions, managing conflict and problem solving.
Discover how to recognise the impact change has on your well-being, provides an opportunity to identify specific support strategies to take ownership and ‘survive and thrive’ the process
Recognise the effects how your behaviour creates your reality, learn how to take responsibility for your actions towards positively influencing your attitude, health, career, relationships and ambitions.

This weekend retreat is NOT for you if you are not prepared to;
* be honest with yourself
* be open minded
* ready to shift your thinking

Discover how this weekend will give you the tools to start making positive change within your life, meet like- minded women and enjoy amazing guest speakers who have all faced incredible life challenges.
I can’t wait to welcome you to this M-A-G-I-C retreat and look forward to helping you be the change!
Warmest wishes,

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