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How To Win On Football

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Is it possible to win every day on football the short answer is yes, but not a fortune, you can come away a good few quid if you have the time to sit there and interact with the computer on in player matches, or you can do as I do?
Hi, my name is Alan Rushing, not the footballer people do confuse me with him but his name is RUSH.

I am here to teach you how to win on football, I am sure there are dozens of tipsters and the like out there who are only too keen to take your money whether it be a lifetime membership or seasonal, well your not buying my product for the tips, your buying my product to show you what to do with them.

Most football matches are usually between 1.2 and 1.87 odds give or take so unless you're prepared to wager a vast amount of money your actual winnings if you win are minimal, the average punter probably bets around £50 on a match and nine times out of ten its the team they support.

Well that's not the way to win not the way to make football pay no way to use the bookie's money every match instead of your own, I know what your thinking you carnt win all the time no that's true but I can teach you how to win 80% of the time using free tips and a betting method that gives me a healthy return every time I use it.

What to know more do you have £10 spare then email me at and put a stop to your football losses for good guaranteed.

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