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Elemental Yoga: Fire

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Elemental Yoga Workshops
A year long series
Have you ever wondered why you feel so much more energetic in the Summer or why you just want to hibernate in Winter? Our ancestors lived and ate by the seasons and were so much more in tune with them than we now are.
Each season has its own element (earth, air, fire and water) and a great way of connecting to these elements is to incorporate them into your yoga practice. Each one has different attributes and offers different benefits and is a great way to strengthen the mind/body connection. In this series of workshops, spread out over a year, we’ll focus on the element that is at its peak during that season.
We’re kicking off this summer with the element of fire. This element links to the masculine side of our yoga practice, building strength and heat within the body and encouraging transformation and action.
We each have our own agni (fire) that resides in the belly, so this workshop will focus on bringing it into balance. If your fire element is low you may be feeling sluggish so we’ll stoke the inner flames with poses to engage and work core muscles, along with active holds and sequencing to make you sweat.
If you have too much fire then you can use this workshop to release that pent up energy and return to equilibrium. We’ll also include a warming breathing practice to engage the abdominals and purge the lungs, an exercise on creating a meditation to manifest your dreams and finish with a well-earned sun inspired relaxation.
Who is it for?
This workshop is aimed at beginners, those new to yoga as well as those who have been practicing for a little while. This will be a great way of lengthening your practice if you’ve been doing an hour class once per week. Everyone is welcome.
Dates and Cost
This workshop will be on 21st July 2017 at Kennington WI Hall and costs £20. Booking is essential.
This workshop will be held at Kennington WI Hall, 229 Faversham Road TN24 9AN. Parking is on the road outside. Check out our venues page for more details.
What to bring
Bring your yoga mat and any other yoga items you have and perhaps a bottle of water although water is available at the venue. If you like to take notes, a notebook a pen might be a good idea. All other equipment will be provided for you.

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