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Mirafit Gym Power Tower PushSitPull Up BarVKRDip Multi £65

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Price £65
Postcode London
North London
Bowes Park - N13
Type of ad: Individual Offer
Make or Brand: Mirafit
Posted by: Carlo
Member since: 06/05/2009
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Mirafit Vkr Power Tower
Multifunction design lets you target different muscle groups
Vertical knee raise to workout your ABS
Dips & push ups for working your triceps & chest
Wide and close grip pull ups engaging your lats,biceps and shoulder muscles
Center arms rotate up and out the way maximising your workout space
Padded back and arm rests provide support during workouts
120kg maximum load
Black & orange frame/padding
Full assembly instructions included
Please note: tools required for assembly are not included.
Overall dimensions -
Height - 210cm
Depth - 102cm
Width - 103cm

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