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English to French, French to English

Postcode South East
Canterbury - CT1
Type of ad: Individual Offer
Language from: English, French
Language To: English, French
Posted by: Platypus
Member since: 02/08/2011
Visitors: 000
French native. 25 y.o.
English degree (history, literature, linguistics)
French Master (teaching French as a Foreign Language)

Available to translate your documents from english to french. The price will depend on the document you need a translation for. We will negociate this in private since I obivously won’t charge a one-page document the same price as a five full pages essay.
I can translate your document(s) from french to english as well. You should know though that you probably will have to rephrase it a bit. Since I am not an english native speaker, there might be a few mistakes and unnatural/awkward turns of phrase.

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